Eeters is the Philippines’ online food ordering and delivery platform with a global reach. This gives anyone from anywhere in the world the benefit of ordering food and groceries for their friends and families back home. 
There are many reasons why you should partner with us. 
Some are meant to blow you away. Well, we hope.
Eeters goes global.​​​​​​​

We believe that food links people together so we did away with international payment barriers and opened our "borders" to Filipinos everywhere. 

The thriving and energetic city of Naga, Camarines Sur, is home to the Eeters start-up model, which has the goal and vision of serving other towns and cities on the island and beyond.

Eeters connects you to customers near and far.

Tweak a favorite dish and call it your own
Eeters will feature your very own culinary creation for free. Paboritos with a Twist are traditional and authentic Filipino and international dishes that has your personal touch. It can be your signature dish but it's definitely your style. Your brand.

This is Eeters challenge to you. 

We will help you and your business thrive in today's world of ever-changing culinary trends and tickle your passion for cooking a little bit.

A delicious authentic pork or chicken Adobo can be "dressed up" or "styled" to make it visually more inviting.


Give it a special name
place it on a bed of garlic or java rice
Top it with egg.
Garnish it with diced tomatoes
and onions.
It's your styling and
your customers will love it.

Are you a home-based cook with a specialty dish that your friends rave about?  

Make money doing what you love 

Cook only when your time allows. Run your own business on your terms.

Eeters will give you the opportunity to make a meaningful income as an On-Demand Food Maker. No pressure. It's your store and you call the shots. 

Some call it "promo", "discount", or "sale". We call it "Pop Meals".

What is a Pop Meal?

Pop means popular.
Pop means "individually" like "P100 a pop". 
Pop-up means "appear suddenly". 
So what is a Pop Meal?

It’s Eeters popular meals that are offered by participating partners for P100 a pop which pop up every now and then without advance notice.
As an Eeters partner, you will have the option to offer your own Pop Meals to customers any time, any day. You're completely in control. Your fans will get notification on their mobile app when your Pop Meal is on which are available for a limited time or until supplies last. 
It's Eeters fun version of discounts and promotions that are not only affordable but also delicious!

"Cake is happiness. It crosses barriers - language, culture, socio-economic. Everybody loves cake. Cake-cutting is a definitive moment of any celebration, cake-eating brings people together, and cake-making is therapeutic. Cake, Cake, CAKE", says one blogger. 
Eeters Gift-A-Cake is sure to inspire bakers and cake artists to create cakes that are not only delicious but also stunningly beautiful from minimalist to elaborate to comic, like this trending cartoon-style creation. How can it not cheer you up with its "is it cake?!" appeal. 
Join us. Let Eeters promote your shop's hand-picked and thoughtfully-arranged blooms, establish your own unique style of wrapping and packaging, attract new customers from Filipinos living abroad, and reach more flower-loving folks in your local area. 
EETERS FOR restaurants, food stalls, home cooks, florists, bakers, and more.

Basics: Eeters connects home cooks with customers interested in buying specialty meals for home delivery
Expected pay: You set it
Commissions & fees: Flat 20% 
Ads, features, and promotions: Free
Where:Naga city and all of Camarines Sur
Requirements: Any licenses (such as food handling and business) required in your jurisdiction. Agreement to Eeters Terms and Conditions and food safety rules and guidelines.

What is Eeters?
Eeters Marketplace is a local online ordering platform in Naga, Camarines Sur that enlists both professional and amateur chefs to showcase and sell meals for local customers. Local florists, bakers, on-demand home cooks, fresh produce, meat, and fish vendors, grocer can also join Eeters Marketplace.

How it works
Cooks sign up with the site and submit a sample of your specialty dish/dishes. They also must certify that they meet all the requirements to be a home cook in their area, including passing a food safety certification course.
Because Eeters is local so food safety requirements are regional. 
You then determine what days you’ll cook and present your menus for sale.  meals are designed to be delivered cold and heated up by the final consumer. So cooking is done in advance; cooled; and then packed in meal-sized containers for delivery.
Pay and commissions
There is no cost to register as partner, set-up your online account, upload meals and other products on the Eeters platform. However, Eeters Marketplace takes a flat 20% fee from your revenue when items sell. That pays for Eeters operational, payment processing and customer support.
Partners are paid within a few hours of the customers receiving their orders. 
Pick-up or delivery
Eeters encourages free delivery or pick-up by customer. For partners and merchants who have their own in-house delivery team, you have have the option to charge delivery fee from the customer. This can easily be set up in your merchant portal. 
How to join us?
Becoming an Eeters Partner is fast and easy
1. Complete the registration form.
2. Tell us about your business.
3. Add your menu or products.
4. Start accepting orders right away.

Eeters support is available 24/7 when you need it.

Text +63 
Naga city, Camarines Sur is bursting with fun and talented people. Most of them are in small towns just waiting to be discovered. It could be you.

Let Eeters find you. 
Let yourself be found.

Together, we will explore  creative ideas, find your niche market, and provide a unique experience for the local community and beyond.

Ready to add your business?

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